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Why NaHiBo?

NaHiBo is truly a one of a kind platform for not only language enthusiasts, but anyone who wants to brush up on some languages, and others who are longing to have a conversation under these times of isolation. 

An Interactive Experience

NaHiBo offers a truly unique experience for people to come together and have a conversation about anything from world affairs to entertainment, all in a collaborative and interactive way.

By Learners, For Learners

As a site run by high schoolers, we know what the struggles of learning a language may be, therefore offering an authentic experience.

Completely FREE

We believe money should not come away of offering our knowledge and expertise. NaHiBo is completely free of charge with optional donations if you are able to support us.

Diverse and Global

Our discussion leaders are native speakers that come from all corners of the world including the US, Spain, China, just to name a few.

After-Time Fun

Get personally curated recommendations on TV shows and movies you can watch in your time after the discussion.


Get help and a chance to learn from some of the most passionate and learned students you have seen or heard.


"Swas is one of the most gifted and enthusiastic language learners I have ever seen. It is such a joy to see him using his talents and passion not only to better himself, but also to help and serve others."
🇨🇳 Grace Chen
Mandarin Chinese Instructor
"As his teacher and coach, I have seen firsthand how Swas always seeks to communicate and bring people together. It is very exciting to see him continue and expand these efforts on this new platform at NaHiBo."
🇺🇸 Erik Mohlhenrich
Biology Professor and Athletic Director
"Last December, I had the chance to attend a theater play at Princeton University. I had a great night, discovering Swas's acting and French talents in Molière's infamous play, 'Scapin the Schemer', and seeing him play the role of Silvestre really impressed me."
🇫🇷 Pierre-Yves Jalby
Strategic Account Manager
"It has been an absolute joy to have Swas in my Spanish classes. Swas is a mature student who embodies the best combination between passion for languages and social awareness."
🇪🇸 Mariona Esquerda Ciutat
Spanish Professor

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